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The following is being implemented for iTECH and CME for the rest of the year to bolster enrollment. Open Enrollment through the end of the year Application, Tuition and fees paid! Rapid onboarding supported personally by our Student Services Department Chair Julie Alfaro          239.337.9952    alfaroju@colliershools.con Machining Technologies: 1500 hour program with boasts a near 100% placement rate Partners include […]

Pelican Wire Donates Wire for Face Masks

Naples, FL, May 13, 2020:  In an effort to contribute directly to the fight against COVID-19, Pelican Wire has donated a large quantity of precision wire to ZSK, an embroidery equipment manufacturer that specializes in technical embroidery for putting wires and nonstandard materials into fabrics. Bendshape, a wearable electronics company, is also a development partner in this project with ZSK, […]

Highlights from the National Survey

25% looking to increase automation as a result of COVID crisis 63% looking to re-shore some portion of their supply chain as a result of the COVID crisis (10 percentage points higher than response to same question in March 2020) 15% of manufacturers surveyed shifting to produce PPE 56% of manufacturers surveyed have not laid […]

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